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Student Research

Welcome to the student scientific society of TSU!

Scientific research work of students (Student Research) complements the academic process and allows students to go beyond the curriculum and participate in research performed by the departments, research laboratories and other scientific units of the University.

First steps into big science start with research groups, project teams, research bureaux, design centres, student scientific societies (SSS) which are managed and supervised by theoreticians and practicians holding a PhD or a Doctor’s degree in their fields of expertise. 

Doing science you can participate in scientific events: conferences, competitions, forums, exhibitions, seasonal schools, grant programmes of the university, city, regional, national, international levels which allows to acquire new skills and knowledge, unforgettable experiences and new friends.

The most persistent and patient students are awarded real money (except recognition and distinguished prizes) for scientific research, publications and deposition of their scientific works, recommendations for admission to the Master’s and PhD programmes, additional scholarships for active participation in student research, and trips to the seaside during summer vacations.

Support of scientific activities of students at the University is carried out by representatives from the institutes, departments, as well as from the Innovation Development Office.

For the most up-to-date information, announcements and achievements of students in science can be found in the Vkontakte group:vk.com/tltsu.

Subscribe to our newsletters on scientific work and events at onirs@tltsu.ru.