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The Research and Technical Council (RTC) of Togliatti State University is an expert, advisory and coordinating body for the formation, implementation and control of scientific and technological works of TSU departments.

Research and Technical Council operates on the basis of the Regulation approved by the Academic Council of TSU on 22.09.2005 (Decision No. 439) and approved by the Rector's Order No. 3129 dated 18.10.2005, and a modification of the Regulation adopted by the Academic Council of TSU on 25.10.2012 (Decision No. 83).

In accordance with this decision the Research and Technical Council has been delegated a responsibility for PhD and Doctoral programmes  (including recruitment, selection, enrolment, expulsion, recommendations to be enrolled in PhD and Doctoral programmes);recommendations for defending PhD and Doctor theses;assigning and dismissing research supervisors;hearing reports of employer-sponsored postgraduate students, PhD students and their supervisors;approving the rules of academic supervisors attestation;approving the final attestation results of doctoral programmes students and PhD students);

  • recommending research works done by teachers, PhD and graduate students to receive various bonuses, grants, etc.;
  • promoting university scientists to receive various Government and departmental awards and prizes, fellowships, membership of various scientific academies, expert committees, etc.;nominating postgraduates and doctoral students for TSU scholarships;
  • introducing annual topics and subjects of scientific and technical conferences held at TSU.

In accordance with the above-mentioned Provision there were organised a joint Research and Technical Council and three sections: Engineering, Science, Humanities and Pedagogy.


Regulation on the Research and Technical Council of Togliatti State University.

List of documents to be provided to put a research supervisor assignment on the agenda of an RTC session:

  • photocopy of PhD Diploma (Doctoral Diploma)
  • photocopy of Associate Professor (Professor) Certificate
  • List of scientific works certified by the Academic Council Secretary - Tatiana Adaevskaya

List of documents to to be provided to put recommendation for publishing a monograph on the agenda of an RTC session:

  • free-form personal statement (stating the name of the monograph) addressed to the Vice-Rector for R&D
  • extract from the Department meeting minutes /review from the Department (recommendation to publish)
  • photocopy of the title page, annotation page, table of contents, circulation and imprint of the monograph
  • several reviews of the monograph (including external (to TSU) reviewers).

Application Form Sample to put assigning a research supervisor on the agenda of an RTC session .

Report on the Research and Technical Council Work for the Year 2015.