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Research Department 4 (NIO-4) “Oxide Layers, Films and Coatings”

Research Department “Oxide Layers, Films and Coatings” was established in TSU under supervision of Professor M. Krishtal, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, for development of micro-arc oxidation technology (MAO) for aluminium, titan and magnesium alloys.

MAO is a relatively new type of surface electrochemical treatment and materials reinforcement allowing to generate multi-functional ceramic coatings (wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, thermo-resistant, electroinsulating coatings) on the surface of valve metals (Al, Ta, Ti, Zr, Mg).

MAO proved to be cheap, technological and environmentally friendly process. RD-4 works in close cooperation with RD-2 and RD-3 laboratories in the field of material analyses and with ERC “Energy efficient and low emission internal combustion engine and heating installations” in the field of introducing designs into power engineering.

The range of NIO-4 activities includes:

  • enhancing of micro-arc oxidation process of aluminium-silicon alloys with nanomaterials;
  • analysis of micro-arc oxidation process for magnesium and titan alloys;
  • industrial use of micro-arc oxidation process of alloys to reinforce bulky details.

NIO-4 designs and works are used for the following fields:

  • power engineering (reinforcement of cylinder surfaces in internal combustion engines, of fan blades in industrial ventilation systems)
  • chemical engineering (reinforcement of pumps details working in aggressive media)
  • electric engineering (development of non-oil transformers for powerlines) 
  • alternative power supplies (micro-arc oxidation of titan alloys used for photo-elements production)
  • medicine (generation of bio-inert coatings upon titan alloys)


  • CJSC Lada Flekt,
  • CJSC Superavto
  • JSC Mekaprom TSSSA R.


Installation for micro-arc oxidation (including bulk surfaces in flowing mode) of the university design including control and management system, technological rigging.