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Research Department 3 (NIO-3) “Nanocatalysts and Functional Materials”

Research Department “Nanocatalysts and Functional Materials”

“Nanocatalysts and Functional Materials” Departments (RD-3) was established under Contract No 14.V25.31.0011 dated 24.06.2013 between the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, Togliatti State University and a leading scientist Alexey Romanov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (the aforementioned grant). 

The department comprises nice units including research laboratories (RL), education laboratories (EL) and Pilot Production Zone (PPZ). The department is staffed with highly qualified specialists including 3 doctors of sciences and 7 PhD doctors.

NIO-3 comprises:

  • RL “Specific Nanoobjects and Functional Nanomaterials”
  • RL “Nano- and Thermal Treatmen of Condensed Media”
  • RL “Physics of New Materials Surfaces”
  • RL “Nanocatalysts and Catalyst Systems”
  • Centre for Conformity Assessment of Nanoindustry Production
  • Pilot Production Workshop
  • EL “Methods of Nanoobjects Generation”
  • EL “Atomic Force Microscopy”
  • EL “Physical Properties of Nanomaterials”

Activities of NIO-3 units include research work, expert works and expertises, as well as experimental design works:

  • analyses of nanomaterials structure and properties, tests and attestation of innovative products
  • analyses of growth mechanisms, features of structure and properties of nano- and microobjects, for example, decahedral and icosahedral metallic corpuscules