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Research Department 1 (NIO-1) “Thermomechanical and Chemicothermal Treatment of Materials”

Research  Department “Thermo-Mechanical and Chemicothermal Treatment of Materials” (NIO-1) consists of 5 zones with state-of-the-art equipment. Its highly qualified personnel is supervised by Professor Michail Vyboyschik, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.


The range of NIO-1 activities includes:

  • works for material selection used in applying protective and decorative coatings to metals and alloys
  • development of technological processes of applying protective and decorative coatings to various products using ion-plasmous spray coating method.
  • producing experimental-industrial batches of products with protective and decorative coatings
  • improving existing methods for quality assurance of coatings
  • selecting materials and improving technological processes of vacuum casting for small-size products including dentistry equipment
  • selecting materials and developing technological processes for a wide range of products made of polymer materials
  • development and introduction of alloying systems and technologies of thermal and thermo-mechanical treatments.

NIO-1 comprises the following laboratories:

  • Laboratory of ion-plasmous spray coating
  • Laboratory of vacuum casting
  • Laboratory of polymer materials
  • Laboratory of alloying systems development for steels and alloys working in aggressive media.