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Research and Development Institute of Advanced Technologies

Research and Development Institute of Advanced Technologies (RaDIAT) was established by the the Academic Council Decision of   Togliatti State University No. 162 dated 27.06.2013.

RaDIAT includes research and educational centres (RECs) in materials science, nanotechnology and condensed mater physics, Testing center (TC) and the Centre for Conformity Assessment of Nanoindustry Production (CCA).

RADIAT Objectives

  • Development and implementation of effective technologies, new materials, equipment, development and commercialisation of innovative products in the field of nanotechnologies, material science, and condensed matter physics).
  • Creating conditions for high-quality, practice-oriented training of Bachelors, Masters, PhD students, and Doctoral students
  • Creation and development of leading scientific school in the field of material sciences, nanotechnology, and condensed matter physics
  • Provision of research, technical and educational services of high-quality for organisations and individuals
  • Provision of services to customers for testing and technical expertise.

RaDIAT builds its work in close cooperation with the “Nanotechnologies, Material Science and Mechanics” Department and carries out one of the most important functions: practical oriented education of bachelors, masters, specialists and post-graduates by including them into R&D of all kinds.

RaDIAT staff consists of around 100 employees including 10 people holding a DSc degree and 15 people with a PhD degree. Annual volume of R&D works and technical services provided by RaDIAT exceeds 85 million rubles.

RaDIAT includes the following departments and centres:

  • Research Department 1 (NIO-1) “Thermomechanical and Chemicothermal Treatment of Materials”
  • Research Department 2 (NIO-2) “Physics of Strength and Intellectual Diagnostic Systems”*
  • Research Department 3 (NIO-3) “Nanocatalysts and Functional Materials”
  • Research Department 4 (NIO-4) “Oxide Layers, Films and Coatings”
  • TC - Testing  Centre
  • CCA - Centre for Conformity Assessment of NanoIndustry Production


Deputy Director of RaDIAT - Anastasia Karavanova, Candidate of Engineering Sciences

tel. +7 (8482) 539-572 fax +7 (8482)  546-444

Email: akaravanova@yandex.ru

Director of RaDIAT - Professor Dmitry Merson, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

tel. +7(8482) 539-169,fax +7 (8482)  546-444 

E-mail: D.Merson@tltsu.ru