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In accordance with the programme of innovative infrastructure development at Togliatti State University an Innovations and Technological Center was created to perform an approved complex of construction and technological works, experimental-production processes, and practical training which focus on the implementation of:

  • CAD/CAM/CAE-technologies,
  • creating physical models of products and ready-to-use manufacture tools (casting moulds, compression moulds, equipment)
  • end-use products.

All the aforementioned technological processes are based on modern technologies

  • design and rapid prototyping, 
  • vacuum casting, 
  • automated metalworking, 
  • surface hardening, 
  • laser welding and surfacing,  
  • technical control of the manufactured products.

Innovations and Technologies Centre is integrated in the existing innovative infrastructure of TSU and the industrial clusters of Samara Region. It has established and implemented technologies for the production of automobile components, architectural models, instruments, medical equipment including those produced in cooperation with other universities of the region, JSC AVTOVAZ, GM-AVTOVAZ, etc.