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Innovative Development Office -Technology Transfer Centre

Innovative Development Office

Innovative Development Office (Technology Transfer Centre) is a division of Togliatti State University and an integral part of the university R&D complex.


The main goal of the Innovative Development Office (IDO) is the formation and development of sustainable innovative environment at the TSU  with the prospect of commercialisation of research and educational activities results.


The Office has the following objectives:

  • support and promotion of promising scientific and innovative projects and programmes developed by the staff, creative groups and University divisions
  • ensuring the participation of the University, its departments, individual employees and students in external competitions, sponsored programmes and orders for research and innovation projects and programmes
  • analysis, generalisation and implementation of domestic and foreign experience in the field of innovative technologies and intellectual property management
  • participation in the development of innovative strategies and concepts for TSU development in accordance with the key development areas of science and education in the Russian Federation.

The Office comprises of two divisions:

  • Projects Coordinating Department which supports promising and  perspective innovative and R&D projects
  • Intellectual Property and Small Innovative Enterprises Department which provides legal protection to intellectual property objects and participate in the commercialisation of intellectual property created within the framework of educational, scientific and production activities at the University.

The key objectives of the Innovative Development Office (Technology Transfer Center)

1.Organising the participation of the University in various competitions and funding programmes to provide funds for the development of innovative activities (research, development, commercialisation and design transfer).

2.Collecting and providing information about research works of the University departments.

3.Developing and implementing of design commercialisation strategies.

4.Informing about scientific and technical events (congresses, forums, conferences, seminars, meetings, exhibitions).

5.Organisation of the University participation  in exhibitions at different levels.

6.Organisation and carrying out scientific and technical activities based in TSU.

7.Organisation and supervision of student research work.

8.Design and implementation of a unified patent and licensing policy of the University.

9.Informational and analytical support of the works creating intellectual property of the University.

10.Legal protection and participation in commercialisation of intellectual property objects created by the implementation of educational, scientific and production activities at the University.

11.Exercising property protection rights of the University in respect of intellectual property objects, as well as property and personal rights protection of their authors.


Head of the Innovative Development Office

Anzhelika Popova, office NIC-211, tel. +7(8482) 53-92-29.

Projects Coordinating Department

Alla Yaroslavtseva, office NIC-217, tel. +7(8482) 53-94-79.

Oksana Dudinova, office NIC-207, tel. +7(8482) 53-94-50.

Oksana Kichatova, office NIC-205, tel. +7(8482) 53-94-90, 54-64-07.

Natalia Zaytseva, office NIC-205, tel. +7(8482) 53-94-90, 54-64-07.

Intellectual Property and Small Innovative Enterprises Department

Valentina Prisiazhnaya, office NIC-218, tel. +7(8482) 53-91-11

Yulia Khohlova, office NIC-218, tel. +7(8482) 53-91-11.