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Togliatti State University holds annual scientific conferences of different levels.

      The participants of these scientific events are not only the teachers of the University but also the leading Russian and international scientists, students and PhD students.

      TSU nowadays consists of 10 institutes which provide training in the range of technical, nature scientific, the humanities and economic programmes:

  •   Chemistry;
  •   Physics;
  •   Mechanical Engineering;
  •   Power Engineering;
  •   Education;
  •   Psychology;
  •   Foreign Languages;
  •   Law;
  •   Economics and Management, etc.

      The role of scientific events cannot be overestimated. They have become a unique platform where renowned professors share valuable knowledge with young people who are only beginning their journey in research and science. Conferences at TSU is one of the ways to make another discovery, gain new knowledge, and exchange experiences in different fields. In addition, conference at TSU is one of the forms of cooperation between higher education organisations and representatives of major companies and enterprises. 

      Thus, conference at Togliatti State University is a tool that promotes innovations and scientific progress.

 Important! If you wish to receive more information about competitions, grants, conferences, exhibitions and other scientific events, please subscribe to the newsletters by sending a request to onti@tltsu.ru.   The application must specify the name, topics which are the most interesting for you, and your e-mail (where the newsletters will be sent) and your contact telephone number.

For more information, please contact:  +7 (8482) 54-64-07.


Togliatti State University, 14 Belorusskaya St., Togliatti, 445667, Russia,

Projects Coordinating Department(Elena Pushkarskaya)

tel. +7 (8482) 54-64-07,Fax +7 (8482) 28-14-23