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TSU is 65!

Rector's Address

Dear friends!

In 2016, Togliatti State University (TSU) celebrated its triple anniversary: 65 years since the foundation of Stavropol Branch of Kuibyshev Industrial Institute (SB KII), 50th Anniversary of Togliatti Polytechnic Institute (TPI) opening, and 15 years since the establishment of TSU.

Since 1951, when the SF KII was founded, the work of the whole university and all its employees was aimed at the development of our city and its economy. Due to the efforts of our professors and researchers, students and graduates, the modern industrial potential of Togliatti was created. It was their devotion, self-sacrificing work and the ability to generate innovative ideas that ensured our city and region continue to develop in a challenging economic environment.


Over the period of 65 years, the university has trained about 75,000 specialists in different industrial areas. Nowadays, almost every major company or enterprise in the region seek to employ our graduates. Engineers, researchers, teachers, economists, lawyers, artists, businessmen, politicians, and world-celebrated athletes have graduated from the university. The energy, self-confidence, purposefulness and unquenchable enthusiasm that distinguish our graduates serve as a reliable basis for their professional growth and are the best proof of the quality and efficiency of our work.

The university often has to respond to big challenges. Today, having a colossal scientific expertise and pedagogical experience, as well as friendly support of our partners, we are optimistic about the future and believe that by our joint efforts we will be able to overcome any obstacles and enter the new stage of development!

The anniversary exhibition of TSU

During 13-15 April 2016, the anniversary exhibition-forum of TSU was held at the universal sports centre "Olimp". The first day programme included business meetings of the "Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Industry" section of the Scientific and Technical Gubernatorial Council of Samara Region; the Machine-building Association Cluster of Automotive Industry of Samara Region; as well as round tables and public talks on the implementation of the state policy for labor protection.

The second day comprised an off-site meeting of the Rectors' Council of Samara Region, career-oriented activities for school students, a city-wide teacher-parent conference, pedagogical workshops, a panel discussion on the professional standards of the teacher, and an expanded session of the coordination council in the field of IT-specialists training.

The key event of the third day was a mass tournament of the intellectual game "What? Where? When?" that brought together 3,000 participants. The concert of 5sta Family and the performance of DJ Ruslan Nigmatullin closed the third day of the exhibition.

The anniversary of the first graduation ceremony

In June, it was 60 years since the graduation ceremony of the first hydraulic and electrical engineers trained in the Stavropol Branch of Kuibyshev Industrial Institute.

In June 1956, the first trained specialists graduating from the university with higher professional education diplomas were electrical engineers and hydro-engineers. They were prepared directly in Stavropol to be employed at the Volzhskaya Hydropower Station. In subsequent years, with the development of the city and the university, the range of university’s specialties and faculties expended rapidly: the first graduation of mechanical engineers took place in 1959, the graduation of civil engineers - in 1960.

Over the 65 years, TSU has produced about 75 thousand specialists, including members of the Russian Government, city mayors, members of the State Duma, heads of major enterprises, military officers and world-celebrated athletes.

Formula Student competition

Since 2008, TSU has been the only region’s participant in the international engineering design and sports competitions Formula Student. The university Togliatti Racing Team has designed and built 4 vehicles. In 2015, the team won the 3rd award with its new car Black Bullet. They took seven cups in different nominations including a special prize from Nissan constructors.

Togliatti Polytechnic Institute (TPI) 50 years anniversary

On 27 October, the university celebrated the 50th anniversary of Togliatti Polytechnic Institute. In October 1966, the order of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Education of the RSFSR was signed to establish Togliatti Polytechnic Institute (TSI) on the basis of Togliatti Branch of Kuibyshev Polytechnic Institute in order «to provide the Volga Automotive Plant construction with qualified specialists».

The first rector was a renowned scientist and a specialist in metal cutting, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor A. N. Reznikov. He formed a very solid faculty in the institute and created a modern educational institution with high research potential. The TPI became a leading scientific educational centre that trained mechanical engineers and carried out numerous research works commissioned by the AVTOVAZ.

The TEFI-Region 2016

In November, Togliatti became the capital of the Russian television. For the first time the finals of the most prestigious All-Russian TV contest took place at the university. TSU is the only university in Togliatti that prepares television specialists. TSU TV studio is a holder of many awards, the winner of the «TEFI-region» in the nomination "People creating tomorrow. Profession: engineer." The university has a youth media holding called ‘Talk on!’

Within the framework of the competitive events, a rich and versatile training program was organized. There were workshops, master classes, seminars, meetings with national television maîtres. Well-known TV presenters, journalists, media industry professionals, hosted the awarding ceremony.

15 years of TSU Board of Trustees

On 20 December, the TSU Board of Trustees celebrated its 15-year anniversary.

One of the first decisions of TSU Academic Council was to create the Board of Trustees. In its first line-up, it comprised 18 famous people of Samara region and the whole country. Over the years, it has expanded to 21 members.

In 2013, upon the suggestion of Rector M.M. Krishtal, the governor of Samara Region Nikolay Merkushkin was unanimously elected a chairperson of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees use personal example to attract graduates and social community members to sponsor TSU. At the formal celebration ceremony of the 10th anniversary of the Board, the rector noted:

“The trustees of Togliatti State University can be considered a role model of social responsibility of businesses in our country!”

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