Тольяттинский государственный университет - опорный университет Тольятти Самарской области

In January, TSU for the first time became a platform for an open discussion of a Federal bill. Its author was the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Industry of Russian State Duma, the First Deputy Chairman of the All-Russian public organisation “SoyuzMash” – Vladimir Gutenev. The essence of the bill was to provide a four-year postponement of military service in the Armed forces to young people who graduated from profile educational institutions and were employed by high-tech companies or defense industry enterprises.

One of the most important events was the opening of a new academic unit in the university – the Institute of Additional Education «Zhiguli Valley» that was created in cooperation with the high-tech park bearing the same name. According to the memorandum, the high-tech park provides premises to the institute and equips it with accordingly. In its turn, the university provides the training process with human resources and infrastructure support. Close proximity of the newly created institute to the main personal training facilities ("Zhiguli Valley", Special Economic Zone "Togliatti", and JSC "AVTOVAZ") allows using their production base for the learning process. Due to that, the educational process in the institute has a practice-oriented character.

In March, Oksana Lyubavina, an MA graduate of TSU and a teacher of the kindergarten №175 "Polyanka", became the winner of the regional professional skills contest "Educator of the Year". The founders of the "Educator of the Year" contest were the Ministry of Education and Science of Samara Region and the Regional section of the Russian Trade Union of the Workers of Public Education and Science.

On 26 March, the Laboratory of Distributed Computing, Togliatti State University, hosted a presentation of the supercomputer that was designed to provide mass implementation of parallel and distributed programming technologies (supercomputing) to speed up computations. The high-performance supercomputer has 12,288 cores of NVIDIA graphics processors. In terms of the cost and energy efficiency, the architecture used on this computer is one of the most perspective. According to its characteristics, the TSU supercomputer is on par with supercomputers of other leading universities in Samara Region. As for the cost, it is ten times cheaper than its analogues and, at the same time, it can replace about 10,000 modern personal computers.

In the last days of March, TSU became the site for the First Regional Competition – Festival of Choreographic Collectives "PRODVIZHENIE" organised with the support of the Department of Culture of Togliatti City Administration. Choreographic groups from Kazan, Togliatti, Samara, Zhigulyovsk, Syzran, Povolzhsky village, and Uzyukovo village, with their members aged 4-26 and older, – 615 participants in total – took part in the competition.

In April, it was announced that the All-Russian TV Contest "TEFI-Region" 2016 would be held in TSU. Final agreements were reached between the TSU Rector Mikhail Krishtal and the general director of the Academy of Russian Television Eteri Levieva.

From 13 to 17 April, the main media centre of Sochi welcomed the international forum "Safety. Technologies. Management "organised by the "Industrial and Environmental Safety Management" department of TSU within the framework of the All-Russian Labor Protection Week.

Another major event held by Togliatti State University in Sochi was the Youth Forum of Innovative Projects in Industrial and Environmental Safety that was attended by students, postgraduates, and young specialists from universities, state corporations, and industrial enterprises.

From 17 to 21 May, the delegation of TSU visited the universities of the People's Republic of China (PRC). The result of the trip was a number of cooperation agreements between TSU and the universities of China. Having decided to approach the East, the TSU rector Mikhail Krishtal caught the wave of the cooperation strengthening between Russia and China. Both countries had set a goal to increase the number of students engaged in mutual exchange up to 100 thousand people from each side by the year of 2020.

During the visit to PRC, Mikhail Krishtal signed a memorandum of understanding with Daqing Normal Institute (about 10,000 students from 28 provinces of the country, as well as foreign students from Russia and other countries of Asia and Europe) and Harbin Heilongjiang University (about 40,000 students including postgraduate and doctoral students). Mutual agreements were also reached with two more universities of Heilongjiang Province (population – 36 million people): Heihe University (the city of Heihe) and Harbin University.

From 27 to 29 May, TSU opened its doors for the IV Technological and Thermalphysic Aspects of Enhancing Efficiency of Mechanical Engineering” (the Reznikovskie Chteniya). The conference commemorated the 100-th anniversary of the Professor, Doctor of Engineering, an Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation, the first rector of TPI and an honorable citizen of Togliatti – Aron N. Reznikov. As an integral part of the conference, a field meeting of the section "Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Industry» of the Gubernatorial Research and Technology Council of Samara Region took place. Apart from this, a haut-rélief portraying Aron Reznikov based on the project of Elena Vasilik – a teacher of the Institute of Fine, Decorative and Applied Arts of TSU – was opened in the hall of the main building

On 4 June, a delegation from the University of Shaoxing (PRC) headed by the Chairman of the University Council – Professor Zhou Dajun – visited Togliatti State University. Within the framework of the visit, a memorandum of understanding was signed. In addition, the meeting participants documented the opening of the first and only school of Chinese Calligraphy in TSU.

Early in the morning on 22 June, a memorial of the 74-th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War beginning was held at the Freedom Square in Togliatti. The Student Union of Togliatti State University staged reconstructed scenes of the school graduation party almost 75 years ago. Fifty volunteer students took part in the memorial dramatisation.

In loving memory of the first rector of Togliatti State University Sergei F. Zhilkin (he would have turned 55 on 23 June 2015), a haut-rélief with his portrait was opened in the university’s main building hall. It was the second ceremony in the series of memorial plaques dedicated to the founding fathers of TSU.

On 26 August, a geographical art object appeared in the park in front of the main building of the TSU. It is a geotag 1,900 mm high and 860 mm wide with the hashtag of the University # tlttgu (#тлттгу). From now on, students and visitors of the university can easily make memorable pictures of Tolyatti State University and share them with the whole world.

In September, TSU became a winner of the world’s first contest of mass open online courses EdCrunch Award 2015. Top results were shown by the course authored by the senior lecturer of TSU Olga Mikheeva "Teacher information and media literacy as the implementation of the educator’s professional standards". The award was bestowed by the Russian Vice-Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich and it was another evidence recognising TSU's success in the use of innovative media technologies for the development of distance learning courses.

On 25 September, the TSU Rector Mikhail Krishtal and the Rector of one of the oldest universities in the Far East – Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University (BSPU) – Andrey Leifа signed an agreement on comprehensive interuniversity cooperation. Under the agreement, it was decided to train future students from China who would receive higher education in Togliatti State University. In addition, joint research work, in particular on psychological and pedagogical education, was planned.

Togliatti Racing Team (TSU students, participants of the international engineering and sports project "Formula Student") won an honorable 3-rd prize at the Russian event of the competition that took place in the Technopolis "Moscow" this September. The team presented its fourth car – a new generation vehicle "Black Bullet". In total, Togliatti Racing Team has won seven cups in various events, including a special prize from Nissan constructors.

On 29 September, the representatives of a major enterprise of the Russian military-industrial complex OAO "Electro-Connector" (Republic of Tatarstan) visited TSU. The purpose of the CEO Rashit Nabiullin’s was to become acquainted with the process of producing special equipment for the manufacture of electrical connector parts in TSU.

As a result, a contract for more than 1,7 million rubles was signed between Togliatti State University and "Electric Connector". Rashit Nabiullin was pleased with what he had seen and stated that their enterprise does not own such a solid production base, and therefore cooperation with Togliatti State University will definitely continue.

In October, students-journalists of TSU conquered the pedestal of the Student Mass Media Regional Festival “AeroSMI”. The journalist team of TSU won over 10 nominations!

On 22 October, TSU was visited by Ivan Zasursky – Russian journalist, Head of the “New Media and Theory of Communication” department (Lomonosov Moscow State University), the founder and editor of the online newspaper "Private Correspondent" ­– who held a public talk "Noosphere: New Media and Open Access to Culture". He introduced modern online media features and shared his thoughts on a promising project providing open access to research and academic publications.

On 3 November 2015, the TSU Rector Mikhail Krishtal co-signed a memorandum of intention on the Formation of the Association of Educational Institutions of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia. TSU became the only university in Samara Region who joined the Association. The memorandum was signed within the framework of the Rectors’ Forum of Russian and Armenian Higher Educational Institutions. TSU entered the Association along with Moscow National Research University and the North Caucasus Federal University.

In general, the memorandum was signed by 16 Russian and 14 Armenian universities, as well as institutions and research and educational centres representing Armenian National Academy of Sciences.

At the meeting of the TSU Academic Council on 16 November, a decision was made to establish a new academic unit at the university – the Institute of Service that will focus on training high-qualified specialists for the tourist and recreational cluster of Togliatti and the region. The Institute of Service would become the fourteenth institute within the TSU structure and the eleventh academic department.

During the period from 24 to 29 November, a TSU delegation paid a working visit to one of the leading universities in China – the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE). The main purpose of the trip to Beijing was to establish cooperation with UIBE, one of the PRC leading universities in economics, finance, management, law and other fields of knowledge.

In December, the Rector of the Togliatti State University Mikhail Krishtal was listed among the top 50 media active rectors of Russia. This rating is one of the criteria in the All-Russian Contest "MEDIAactivity of Russian Universities". This is the project of the Information and Analytical Journal "Accreditation in Education" recommended by the Education Committee of the State Duma. The Panel of Experts for the contest also measured publications, event media activity and social networks media activity of the higher educational institution.

At the end of December 2015, a business meeting "Togliatti Development Plan until 2025" was held in TSU. Its organiser was the Analytical Centre of a large media holding "Expert", the initiator of the initiative was the City Hall of Togliatti. The business meeting was attended by representatives from the administration of Togliatti, Samara and the government of Samara Region, heads of large and medium-sized enterprises and representatives of universities.

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