Тольяттинский государственный университет - опорный университет Тольятти Самарской области

Early this year, it became known that Togliatti State University was listed in two international ratings. In the world survey Academic Ranking of World Universities: European Standard (ARES) TSU started from 46 position among the best universities in Russia; and in the Academic Ranking of World Universities it was rated as BB/”sufficient ranking” with 15 other Russian universities.  This group includes universities with high-quality educational and scientific programmes that are monitored and updated according to approved standards. Together with TSU, “BB” ranking group comprises such well known universities as Michigan Technological University (the USA; established in 1885; 23,000 students); Leibniz University Hannover (Leibniz Universität Hannover; Germany; established in 1831; 13,000 students); University of Delhi (India; established in 1922; 220,000 students), etc.

In February, the University TV studio won a special award of the Russian National Mass Media Contest “SMIrotvorets” with its documentary “My Little Armenia”. The creative team of the documentary -  idea by Anush Petrosian, a postgraduate student of TSU; director - Irina Evdokimova; camera operator and video editor - Andrey Kosov, editor - Lubov Gapeeva.

In spring, the 9-th traditional beauty contest “Miss TSU” took place at the university. Tatiana Abdalova, a student of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, became the winner and was awarded the title “Miss TSU - 2014”.

In late March, by a decision of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, Togliatti State University was enlisted as one of the 14 pilot universities which will host a regional competency centre for accounting and processing results of intellectual activity for civil purposes.  Among these 14 universities are Far Eastern Federal University, Southern Federal University, National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, as well as others.

On 12 April, TSU for the second time has become a host for the international educational event Total Dictation. Over 500 citizens took part in the event.

On 24 April, the Academic Council of the University approved the Development Strategy of TSU up to 2020. It was prepared by employees of different university departments together with representatives from the TSU Student Society.

During the period from 15 to 19 May, Togliatti hosted a National Student Art Festival Russian Student Spring - 2014. The event was organised with the help of the volunteers trained in TSU who made a core of Togliatti volunteer team. Over 500 TSU students took a volunteer preparatory course at the University Volunteer Centre that was created due to the University winning an award in the Contest of Student Society Development Programmes organised by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.

At the same time, TSU became the first university in Samara Region to participate in the Voluntary Certification System “Military Register”. Mikhail Krishtal, the rector of TSU, was awarded a certificate of conformity of the University quality management system to the military and civil quality standards (GOSTs).

On 24 June, the Rectorial Elections took place at Togliatti State University. Five people submitted documents to become nominees in the Elections, and after the in-depth inspection, only two nominees were approved as such, in accordance with the requirements to the Rector position.  As a result, Mikhail Krishtal won the Elections by the absolute majority of votes (93% of all votes). On July 16, the Russian Ministry of Education and Science approved his appointment as the TSU rector with the office term of 5 years.

During the period from 28 July to 17 August, TSU launched an International Summer School for the Russian Language and Culture INTERVOLGA. In 2014, the School courses were taken by 3 students from China, 2 - from India, 1 - from Vietnam, and 1 - from the Netherlands. The School students were fully immersed in the Russian language environment, and after the classes, they were able to practice and improve all the skills they obtained during the classes. As a part of the programme, the students visited the Historical and Cultural Park “Bogatyrskaya Sloboda” and took several guided tours in Samara, Kazan, and Moscow.

On 1 September (the Day of Knowledge), during the Festivities of the New Academic Year, a memorial was opened – a 122 mm howitzer of the early XX century presented to the university by the Technical Museum of Konstantin Sakharov. The howitzer was manufactured before the World War I, in which it was used afterwards, then in the late 20s it was modernised and used in the World War II. This memorial opened on the Day of Knowledge at the university campus square - one of the most popular sites among the local citizens - immortalises heroism of the Russian people during the World War I and II.

On 6 September, a time capsule was buried at the basement of the Chapel of St. Tatiana the Holy Martyr near the TSU campus. Sergiy, the Metropolitan of Samara and Syzran, Dmitry Mikel, the Chairman of the Togliatti Duma, and Mikhail Krishtal, the Rector of TSU, took part in the ceremony.

In early October, an agreement on scientific cooperation between TSU and the Industrial Park “TogliattiSintez” was signed. The agreement executed by the TSU Rector Mikhail Krishtal and the CEO of ZAO “TogliattiSintez” Olga Troitskaya became another step in the mutually beneficial partnership between the University and SIBUR company.

On 3 October, Togliatti State University became a unique creative site in Samara Region for the international academic exhibition “Red Gates/Against the Stream”. During the closing ceremony, the Organising Committee awarded attributes of a honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts to Sergey Kondulukov, the Director of the Institute of Fine, Decorative and Applied Arts.

A new leader of the TSU Trade Union – Ararat Abramian – was elected at the 5-th General Meeting of the union members. Before that, he was a TSU employee in the position of Engineering, Administration and Amenities Manager.

On 31 October, The Department of Journalism celebrated its 15-th anniversary. TSU Rector Mikhail Krishtal, Mayor of Togliatti Sergey Andreev, professors, students and alumni of the Department, representatives of the local mass media, and the students attending city schools of journalism – all took part in the festivities.

In November, three projects supervised by professor Alexey Vinogradov – an internationally renowned scientist – won prestigious competitions, and total funding of the projects amounted to 80 million rubles. The projects will be implemented in cooperation with the Faculty of Materials Science and Materials Technology, Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, and Seoul National University.

Togliatti Racing Team, a member of the international motorsport and engineering project “Formula Student”, achieved very prominent results in 2014.  The racing car «White Shark 2014» designed and constructed by the students within a record period – only three months! – proved to be compliant with the international regulations of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). This was marked by a special sticker on the car frame. The TSU racing team won the 8-th position among 19 other teams in the engineering and motorsport competition “Formula Student Russia” (national event), and the 4-th position in the endurance event with 326 points out of 1000 total. 

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