16-19 January - at Gaidarovsky Forum, the Annual National Competition “Stable Future of Russia” was held in Moscow. Dmitry Shkalikov, a student of the Humanities and Pedagogics Institute of TSU became a laureate by winning the third prize with his work “Social Institutions Development - Basis for Stable Development of Russia”.

In February, the results of the open public competition for the scholarship of the Russian President for young scientists and postgraduates implementing scientific works on priority directions of Russian economy modernization programme for 2013-2015. TSU sent ten applications three of which were approved.

In March, TSU successfully passed the State Accreditation. All programmes of professional and postgraduate education were accredited to the full extent - 96 programmes in total.

On 6 April, for TSU hosted a major international campaign for literacy check of all willing participants “Total Dictation” the first time. In Togliatti, it was organised by the Youth Affairs Committee of the city and supported by the Russian Language and Literature Department of TSU.

On 23 April, the results of the competition for the mega-grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation were published. In total, there were 719 applications from 575 higher education institutions, 100 scientific organisations of RAN (Russian Academy of Science) and 44 governmental scientific organisations. Only 42 participants were awarded prizes in 36 scientific fields. In the field “Technology of Materials” the winner Professor Alexey E. Romanov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, was named a leading scientist, who was invited to work at TSU. During 2013-2015, A.E. Romanov was implementing the project “Developing Physical and Chemical Grounds for the Technology of Innovative Nanocatalysts Production Based on Non-Precious Metals”.

In May, Togliatti State University successfully passed the State Accreditation for eighteen Master’s degree programmes. They were accredited up to 2019.

18-28 June - the first Youth Forum of Privolzhsky Federal District “IVolga-2013” took place on the Mastruki Lakes. The TSU delegation was the most numerous of all - 146 members.

The Scientific Council of TSU came to a decision to establish the Research and Development Institute of Advanced Technologies (RaDIAT) in TSU. The idea belonged to the Rector Mikhail Krishtal who offered Professor D.L. Merson to head the project.

In July, an agreement on cooperation between TSU and JSC “Innovative Centre “Zhiguli Valley” (Technopark of High-Tech Industry) was signed by the University Rector M.M. Krishtal and the CEO of “Zhiguli Valley” D.V. Zhidkov. The strategic aim of the mutual agreement was to create competitive business environment in Samara Region.

In midsummer, unique foundry facilities (produced in Germany) were launched in TSU. They were planned to be used both for teaching purposes and for production. The equipment is the main link in the production technology chain of exclusive products, which was created within the scope of the mega-grant financing obtained for innovative technological centre.

2 September - The Governor of Samara Region Nikolay I. Merkushkin headed the TSU Board of Trustees. Nikolay Merkushkin expressed his approval of the video presentation dedicated to the future university campus.

In September, TSU was visited by representatives of higher engineering schools of Alès, Nancy, and Saint-Étienne in France. Cooperation within student exchange programmes, and opportunities for enhancement of TSU education programmes were discussed at the meeting.

18-22 September - the International Environmental Congress ELPIT-2013 was held in Togliatti and Samara for the tenth year consequently.

In the beginning of October, the VI International School “Physical Material Science” with elements of scientific school for young researchers took place in TSU. Among its participants there were leading physicists from eight countries of the world (31 cities).

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