On 13 January, an Order on Establishment of a Joint Scientific and Technical Committee of JSC AVTOVAZ, Togliatti State University and Samara State Aerospace University was signed. The Committee was formed to create priority trends for mid-term (up to 5 years) and short-term R&D perspectives within the scope of JSC AVTOVAZ Innovation Development Programme.

25 January - “Show “Fresh” programme of TSU radio studio was recognised as the best in the Contest “Neva Quill - 2012” . The awards ceremony took place in the “House of Young People” in St. Petersburg.

On 26 January, a specialised chemistry and ecology class was established in Togliatti secondary school No75. It was created within the framework of the programme “School-Institute-Plant” realised by the Institute of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering of Togliatti State University in cooperation with other education institutions and JSC “KuybyshevAzot”.

On 26 January, the XIII Award Ceremony of the most prestigious regional journalist competition the “Gold Quill of the Region” took place in the Renaissance Hotel (Samara). Irina Trofimova, a TSU graduate student, won the “Debut” award from the Samara Region Department of the Russian Union of Journalists.

On 27 January, the results of the Competition “The Most Outstanding Achievements in Journalism-2011” were summed up in Togliatti, and its winners were awarded diplomas and various prizes. TSU TV-studio with its “Real “Grusha” documentary won the first prize in the nomination “The City I Live in”.

On 31 January, the jury of the Competition of the National Quality Society “Russian Quality Leader” awarded Togliatti State University a laureate title.

On 9 February, JSC AVTOVAZ directors participated in a meeting with TSU students. The questions of students and the internet users were answered by Mikhail Krishtal, Rector of TSU, I.A. Komarov, President of JSC AVTOVAZ, E.N. Shmelev, Vice-President for Technical Development, Alain Diboine, Engineering Director, Steve Mattin, Design Director, and I.U. Burenkov, Director for External Relations.

10-11 February, the Exhibition and the Forum “Education. Career. Development-2012” was held in the Sport Complex “Olimp”. Visitors could learn about higher education institutions of Samara Region, participate in workshops, trainings and contests. One of the most remarkable pavilions was the pavilion of Togliatti State University .

On 1 March, the President of JSC AVTOVAZ Igor Komarov and the Rector of Togliatti State University Mikhail Krishtal signed an agreement on tailored professional training of students.

In April, a famous TV-producer and a TV-presenter Alexander Lubimov visited Togliatti State University. During the visit he met with the students of Journalism and Sociology Department and answered their questions about modern media-journalism.

On 12 May, an agreement on establishment of a specialised chemistry and technology class in Togliatti secondary school No80 was signed by Togliatti State University and JSC TogliattiAzot in the House of Culture of JSC TogliattiAzot.

In the beginning of June, due to the efforts of the Rector M.M. Krishtal, with the support of the State Duma, Togliatti State University obtained an unprecedented number of government-funded places for students- 1,024 in general, including places for technical and socially significant education programmes for the city.

On 21 June, Alan Dzagoev, a member of CSKA Football Team and the National Football Team of Russia, excellently defended his graduation dissertation at Togliatti State University.

In July, several important events for Togliatti State University took place:

The Economic Council of the CIS awarded Togliatti State University the “Recognition of Business Perfection” prize for outstanding achievements in delivering quality products and services.

By the invitation of the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and the Head of the Defense Industry Commission Dmitry O. Rogozin, the Rector of TSU M.M. Krishtal entered the Public Council of the Head of the Defense Industry Commission of the Russian Government.

In August, Togliatti State University was visited by several honoured guests.

On 16 August, in the Business Centre of Togliatti State University, the Deputy Minister of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science Alexander Klimov held a meeting with rectors and directors of higher education institutions of Samara Region.

On 28 August, the Governor of Samara Region Nikolay Merkushkin arrived at Togliatti State University. The Governor, together with Togliatti State University Rector Mikhail Krishtal, TSU representatives and regional media were presented the laboratories of NIO-2 “Physics of Strength and Intellectual Diagnostic Systems”, Research and Development Centre, the laboratories of the Institute of Automotive Industry, development works of TSU Research and Education Centres, as well as small innovative enterprises (SIEs).

In the beginning of September, during the 25th Jubilee Moscow International Book Fair, in Moscow, the award ceremony of the VI National Competition of University Editions “University Book-2012” took place.

Togliatti State University won prizes in two nominations.

On 14 September, a delegation from JSC “Russian Railways (RZHD)” visited Togliatti State University. The guests arrived to assess the work carried out under the agreement, under which NIO-2 (laboratory “Physics of Strength and Intellectual Diagnostic Systems’) was to evaluate the quality of metals in a range of key products for JSC “Russian Railways” produced by different suppliers.

On 5 October, a bronze statue depicting a student - a young man running up the stairs of the University main entrance to be in time for lectures – represents all generations of TSU students.

On 13 October, the International Exhibition “BioIndustry-2012” integrated with the International Research-to-Practice Conference “Innovative Biotechnology in EurAsEC Countries” was held in St. Petersburg. Togliatti State University presented the engineering designs created by its small innovative enterprise “Resource- Technology Centre”, which won gold and silver medals.

18-20 October - Samara Regional Universal Scientific Library hosted the V Academic Editions Exhibition “University-Science-City-2012”. TSU presented 160 items of scientific, academic and methodical literature published in 2011-2012 – the journal "Vektor Nauki", the newspaper “Togliatti University”, and the newspaper “Speech’ka”.

On 1 November, one of the most important in TSU history thing happened: the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation published lists of effective/ineffective higher education institutions of the country. Togliatti State University was among effective universities! In general, the list included 502 universities and institutes and 930 branches. 136 universities and institutes (27.1%) and 450 branches (48.4%) were listed as ineffective institutes requiring re-organisation.

In December, the Industrial and Environmental Safety Management Department signed a long-term contract with Nestle Russia LLC for R&D works on enhancing, developing and introducing new technologies for environmental, industrial, and fire safety and energy security at an enterprise.

14 December - the TSU Representative Office in Syzran celebrated its tenth anniversary. By the date the building of the Representative Office was equipped with conference-call facilities which will allow Togliatti State University students from Syzran to communicate with the university professors without the need to spend additional time on trips to the University main campus.

In the end of the year, the results of the V Annual National Radio and Video Works Competition “Record” between education institutions were summed up. TSU radio studio won three awards.

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