26 January - the Institute of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering of Togliatti State University opened corporate stands of “Sibur” company.

February was marked by the presentation of a project aimed at the establishment of modern screw compressor-expanders production facilities in Russia.

In March,  the journal “Vector Nauki” of Togliatti State University entered the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific editions.

31 March - the Computer Education Centre was opened.

In May and June, several events dedicated to the development of monocities and the implementation of a polycentrism idea took place - the International Forum “New City-2010”, the Forum “Creative City”, the Conference “Strategic Development of Cities’, the Best Essay Contest “City for Me Is...”.

In general, 2009-2010 academic year was marked by a range of significant decisions and achievements: decreasing professors’ workload to 800 hours; increasing salaries for teachers and professors; abandoning the education technology “30/70”; establishing ten small innovative enterprises that implement and introduce Togliatti State University scientific projects; enhancing Togliatti State University activity in R&D financing which allowed to increase R&D volumes by 1.3 times.

5 August – Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed the resolution awarding Togliatti State University the government prize for quality control system in 2009. TSU together with other major universities was recognised in the ‘Organizations with over 1000 employees’ nomination.

In October, the Grant Committee of the Russian Government summed up the results of the Open Public Competition aimed at engaging leading scientists from other countries to work in Russia and establishing world class laboratories and centres headed by them. Togliatti State University is the only university in Samara region who is among the winners of the competition. Financing of this 2-year project amounts to 145 million rubles. The “Physics of Strength and Intellectual Diagnostic Systems” laboratory establishment and functioning is to be supervised by a leading scientist Professor Alexey Vinogradov who is a Togliatti State University graduate and who has an experience of working with Japanese universities for 20 years. He returned to implement this project in Togliatti.

In November, a TSU student Ekaterina Piyanzina won the title “Vice-Miss” in the “Student of Russia-2010” contest.

In December, the Academic Council of the University approved the Development Strategy of Togliatti State University up to 2015.

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