New calendar year started with sport victories (119 gold medals apart from numerous silver and bronze medals) - Togliatti State University has won the City Student Games Cup for the third time.

In January, Togliatti State University obtained the status of experimental site for the Federal Institute of Education Development of the Ministry of Education of Russia.

That month, Togliatti State University also celebrated another of its victories - it became one of the five nominees in the Federal Contest “Training Quality System of Professional Education Institutions Graduates” and was the only nominated university in Togliatti.

Starting from January, the University commenced works on “Formula TGU” project aimed at designing and assembling a special race car within the scope of the international programme “Formula Student”.

New departments were established at the University - the Employee Development Centre, the Technology Transfer Centre, and the Student Business Incubator. The latter organised selection of students and graduates as employees for the international engineering company COMAU.

20 February - first in the region regular television programme prepared by students “Togliatti State University Video Journal” was aired. Some time later, this programme of Togliatti State University TV-studio won the regional contest of the Youth Media «MASS MEDIA AWARDS - 2008».

In March, the School of Environmental Engineering, Ecological Monitoring and Complex Issues of Theoretical Engineering based in Togliatti State University (headed by Doctor of Engineering, Professor Andrey V. Vasiliev) was recognised as one of the leading scientific schools of the Russian Federation.

In April, Togliatti State University was visited by the engineering company “Process Flow”, and an agreement upon establishment of the company authorised centre in Togliatti State University was signed.

Togliatti State University participated in the regional programme “Togliatti Industrial Technology Development for 2008-2015” as a scientific developer (headed by Doctor of Economics, Togliatti State University Rector Sergey F. Zhilkin) became another significant event of the year.

In May, Togliatti State University won another “Students’ Spring” Art Contest.

In May, the Institute of Extramural Education and the Institute of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering were established at Togliatti State University.

3 June - Togliatti State University celebrated a highly expected event - new University Sports Complex opening. It includes a swimming pool, a gym, a fitness and aerobics studio, two volleyball courts, a ski base, and a tourist club.

In summer, the third dissertation council - on physical and mathematical sciences - was formed at the University.

In September, a new race car constructed and built by Togliatti State University students was presented to the public. Later, this car took part in “Formula Student of Russia - 2008” race in Moscow.

In November, following a tragic demise of Rector Sergey F. Zhilkin, Olga Lyshova took the position of Acting Rector.

In 2008, the first issue of the university scientific journal “Vector Nauki” was published.

During the period of 2007-2008, three international and five national conferences took place in Togliatti State University.

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