In the beginning of 2006, Togliatti State University hosted the II International School of Material Science, as well as the Urals School on Thermal Properties of Metals with participants from 22 cities of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

The research works of Togliatti State University scientists (M.M. Krishtal, V.V. Nurenberg, and P.V. Ivashin) received grants from the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research Works and from the President of Russia.

In April, two new institutes were established: the Institute of Engineering and Construction, and the Institute of Economics, Management and Law.

In May, a delegation from Wolfsburg headed by the Mayor Rolf Schnellecke visited Togliatti State University. A protocol on cooperation and information exchange on study process organisation was signed.

TSU takes part in annual competitions and exhibitions. Togliatti State University students Evgeny Isaev and Elena Sagitova were awarded two medals of the National Science and Technology Exhibition of Young Researchers’ Projects.

In November, “Togliatti State University for the City: 55 Years of Excellence” Exhibition and other events were organised to celebrate the anniversary of TSU. Over 10,000 people visited the exhibition during the three days of the event. More than 30 Togliatti State University professors and associate professors received diplomas and awards from the Ministry of Education and Science, and from Samara Region Duma.

Fifteen national and international conferences were held at Togliatti State University within the period from January 2005 to December 2006.

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