Togliatti State University: history


Togliatti State University was established on 29 May 2001 by the Government Order of the Russian Federation as a result of two higher education institutions merger: Togliatti Polytechnic Institute and Togliatti Branch of Samara State Pedagogical University.

The history of Togliatti Polytechnic Institute goes back to 1951 when hydroelectric power plant Zhigulevskaya was constructed. There was an urgent demand for highly qualified experts, and a part-time study department of Kuibyshev Industrial Institute was opened in Stavropol (the name of the city up to 1964).

The institute awarded diplomas to its first graduates in 1956. Starting from 1961, full-time study programmes were launched.

In 1966, a new stage of the University history began. It was connected to the construction of Volzhsky Automotive Plant (AVTOVAZ). The branch of Kuibyshev Industrial Institute was reorganised into Togliatti Polytechnic Institute with an automotive department that provided research, design, and engineering works for AVTOVAZ.

Professor Aron N. Reznikov was the first rector of the new institute. He managed to gather highly qualified teaching and research staff and created a modern institution with high potential. More than 30,000 specialists were trained in Togliatti Polytechnic Institute. Its researchers registered 1,134 inventions in the variety of fields.

Professor Vladimir I. Stolbov became the rector of Togliatti Polytechnic Institute in 1979. A unique system of multi-level training «School – Technical College – Institute» was developed at that time.

By the beginning of the 1990s, the institute had incorporated 5 faculties, 38 departments and the number of students reached 6,500.

Togliatti Branch of Samara State Pedagogical University was founded in 1988. Professor Ivan P. Plekhanov became its first rector. Initially, it had 4 departments, but the university grew rapidly, and its structure included up to 32 departments by the end of the 1980s.

The first mayor of Togliatti Sergey F. Zhilkin initiated the establishment of Togliatti State University. He was appointed its first rector in 2001 and was re-elected twice afterwards. The university received an impetus to further development: new buildings were built, a swimming pool was opened, and new learning technologies were introduced.

Over 67,000 specialists have graduated from Togliatti State University throughout its history.

Today, Togliatti State University is one of the flagship universities in Samara Region numbering nearly 12,000 students. Over the years, the University has developed into a diverse establishment which is a home to innovations in teaching and research.

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