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Russian Language & Culture Summer School «INTERVOLGA»
Togliatti, July – August 2015

We offer you a unique chance to start your knowledge of the Russian language and country in the heart of Russia. The course is designed to allow an acquisition or fast improvement of the language skills, while being immersed into the authentic Russian culture. You will have an opportunity to be involved in a variety of interactive educational projects to experience the Russian cultural diversity and to get an idea of the economy, geography and history of the Volga Region. 
We offer you:

  • 72 academic hours of class-room training course aimed at improving speaking, listening, writing skills
  • 50 academic hours of project work (Language and Country Studies), exciting tours along the Volga river, outings to Zhiguli mountains, excursions to Samara, Kazan and Moscow
  • the Certificate of Togliatti State University with 3 ECTS credits appointed and information about subjects, academic load and student's achievements in the course
  • Masterclasses of dancing, singing and handicraft

Tuition fee: 14 800 RUR 
The tuition fee includes payment for the classes and learning materials, two excursions and mailing expenses for providing the student with an official invitation for visa to the Russian Federation. 

Accommodation fee: 2 900 RUR 
The participants are provided with double rooms in a student hostel. Accommodation in a single room in a student hostel can be provided on participant's request (at additional cost). 
Wi-fi internet access across the campus and all accommodation areas is available.

The deadline for applications: the 8th of June, 2015.
If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us: + 7 (8482) 53 92 05, +7 (8482) 54 63 99, 


We can arrange any special summer program on your (group!) requests. 
Welcome to Russian Language & Culture Summer School «INTERVOLGA» at Togliatti State University!

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我们将会提供给您一个独特的机会,在俄罗斯的心脏开始学俄语和俄罗斯文化。 参加者能够完全沉浸到俄语语言环境,实际地改善我们学校掌握的技能。另外,为您提供各种互动教育项目,获取俄罗斯有关文化多样性、经济、地理、历史等想法。

  • 一共七十二小时期间在课室读书,为改善您的口语、听力、写作等技能
  • 五十小时期间设计工作,令人兴奋的伏尔加河、日古利山参观,到萨马拉,喀山和莫斯科的游览
  • 陶里亚蒂市国家大学暑期学校毕业证明,分数以3 ECTS标准为主
  • 跳舞、唱歌和手工艺大师班

学费: 14800卢布
住宿费: 2900卢布


如何问题请随时来我们咨询: + 7 (8482) 53 92 05, +7 (8482) 54 63 99,